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Make a meaningful impact on lives of millions of people by providing them the means to empower themselves financially

At atyati, you would be helping us make a meaningful impact on lives of millions of people by providing them the means to empower themselves financially. This ranges from providing basic banking infrastructure (includes bank account & loans) to online shopping experiences and various services we take for granted today. You will be working in a challenging environment on cutting edge technology or work with various stakeholders on the ground.


atyati is a kind of workplace where an employee can express himself/herself. atyati has the right mix of experience & youth which is quintessential for an organization’s growth. The interaction sessions with the seniors/peers have been of immense help.

Ayan Roy


What I love about atyati is it’s work culture. There is a tremendous amount of freedom & visibility here for employees. atyati encourages innovative thinking by giving equal opportunity regardless of their designations.

Hemen Kalita


I’m here with this organization around 3.6 years, see this as full of opportunities and challenging ahead, the amazing thing over here is the work environment one will get to learn a lot, transform to the best and connect with the people (customer) across the regions.

Subhajit Raha


My 3.5 years journey with atyati has been a quite adventurous one. My job profile challenges me every day and brings out the best out of me. What I love about atyati is that it gives a tremendous amount of freedom. In atyati, business leaders allow us to take risks and then they hold our hands till we succeed. It is a great place to work.

Sujit Show


atyati gives you the opportunity to explore the unexplored area of you and each day your actions are affecting millions. In the end, you are satisfied in the mind that you contributed in changing the economic ecosystem. And all this at an exponential pace.

Vivek Chakraborty

Job openings

If you have a knack for doing things differently and want to work in a dynamic environment then atyati is just the place for you!
Customer Account Management
Seasoned professional with 6-8 years of experience who can manage multiple stakeholders, exposure to banking and financial inclusion will be advantageous, planning and implementing field processes for optimal performance, control and risk management, design and develop programs to achieve targets and bring in predictability and consistency in results from field, execute rollouts, plan and project long and short term revenue possibilities.
Technology - Web, Database and mobile application developers
Engineers with 2-3 years of experience in development of android applications, knowledge of SQL lite, SQL Server, exposure to C#,, XML and iOS development would be a plus, experience to the BFSI payment domain will be an added advantage.
Field operations
Prime focus would be to create, build and manage partners that atyati works with, a leader who can focus on field management. This role will involve handling partners, dealing with multiple public and private sector banks, will have opportunities for driving productivity and customer satisfaction. Using best practices from Indian Market and leveraging our BFSI capabilities, the candidate can potentially script a win-win and add significant value.
Students and interns others
Graduates/Engineers who are comfortable with at least one or two programming languages, understand basic database concepts, good analytical skills and ability to flow chart a given process flow, openness to work on different areas coding, unit testing and support for assigned modules and units.