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GANASEVA - a comprehensive end-to-end mobility based multi application platform


atyati’s GANASEVA solution is a comprehensive technology platform developed to improve the delivery of public and private services to untouched rural populations living in unreachable geographies.

GANASEVA provides a comprehensive, fully automated delivery mechanism for the flow of governmental, financial, health care and commercial services to rural and semi-urban populations. The platform includes a common infrastructure for data collection and information management.

The core features built into this platform are:

    • Collection of Customers’ data using disconnected laptops/PDAs/mobile phones
    • Loan Origination and loan processing with workflow capabilities
    • Support for Lending products, Savings & Deposit, Rural products, Insurance products
    • Support for third party selling in urban mass markets
    • Multi-Lingual capabilities
    • Ability to work in low/no bandwidth
    • Audit trail tracking mechanisms
    • A full suite of security features
    The application consists of the following modules:

    • Master Data Maintenance

      The flexibility of the product comes with the depth of its master data. The master data ranges from maintenance of types of assets etc to setting up hierarchical regional areas (states, regions, districts, taluks, villages, etc.). This master data provides parameters for rest of the modules.

    • Field Agent Module

      This module is used to initiate customer acquisition and initiate transactions. Capturing information related to new customers, new loans etc. can be done using this module. The Field Agent Module could use any Windows based laptop/PDA/mobile phone as the means for data collection.

    • Transaction Processing (Back-Office Workflow)

      This is primarily a product origination module and manages the complete application processing flow of various instruments. The system manages the entire process, its workflow through various stages and access controls. The system comes with a robust document management system where all the customer documents are stored. The system comes pre-configured with workflows for each transaction. These workflows can be customized as per the customer organization’s requirements.

    • Life Cycle Transaction Processing

      GANASEVA has the ability to support servicing of a customer through the comprehensive Life Cycle Transaction Process. Based on application being supported, the GANASEVA platform would include the complete suite of activities required for ongoing servicing of the client.


    The GANASEVA platform can cater to the needs of range of different public and private organizations thanks to a robust solution framework that comprises

    • Both Online and Offline Transaction Origination

      GANASEVA platform remains fully functional in both low bandwidth and no bandwidth locations. An agent carrying a mobile handheld, is thus able to originate any transaction for a customer with the relevant information stored in the handheld itself and can later upload the data when he is able to establish contact with the back end server for synchronization.

    • Both Online and Offline Transaction Posting

      Transactions originated as above can be serviced in the handheld itself and can then be posted to the back-end-server of the GANASEVA platform; As and when required, connection to the server can be established. This ensures that customer servicing is not hampered or delayed by the absence of connectivity at any location.

    • A comprehensive but flexible Back-office Process Framework

      GANASEVA’s back end is built on a robust process framework of the scale of any large enterprise CBS thus giving even a small customer the power of end to end service handling on the system. However, unlike large CBS’, this process framework can be duly configured to accommodate the customer’s specific operational process requirements.

    • Intelligent and Efficient Back-office Transaction Processing

      Though of the scale of a full fledged enterprise CBS, the platform performs at far greater speeds and efficiency in terms of transaction processing than an enterprise CBS. This in order to cater specifically to large volumes of transactions generated in a typical micro finance environment.

    • Authentication Capabilities suited for Literate, Illiterate populace

      The GANASEVA platform supports both pin-based authentication as well as biometric based authentication. This can be configured at an individual customer level. The authentication is done independent of the use of smartcards. This capability allows the organization to deploy the solution ONCE for both types of customers.

    • Smartcard based Transaction Capabilities

      The GANASEVA platform can accommodate the use of smart cards, both contact and contact-less, and can perform equally efficiently in the absence of smart cards.

    • Customer analytics, credit risk analytics, credit scoring engine

      The data stored in the central database of the GANASEVA platform can be suitably analyzed and inferences drawn for effectively determining a customer’s risk profile and assigning accurate credit scores. Both of these can immensely benefit a wide spectrum of product and service vendors.

    • Customizable seamless interfaces to third party systems for end-to end service delivery

      The GANASEVA platform can be simultaneously used by myriad organizations wanting to converge their services on a single individual. This is thanks to the interfaces that can be developed and customized to seamlessly connect the GANASEVA back end server to the servers of these different organizations. These organizations could include banks, government departments, commercial establishments and a slew of other product and service providers.