What We Offer
to provide the complete spectrum of services at the last mile across verticals
Spectrum of offerings
Our solutions comprises of technical know-how and human expertise
Handheld and Mobile devices
Outreach framework built around our platform
Local Agency Partnership and Distribution
NPCI & India stack Integration
Enable Cashless ecosystem (Wallet)
We provide a modular solution which can be adopted by clients either in parts or the entire solution depending on their requirement.

Agent banking solution

We provide you with the technology as well as end-to-end agent banking network An agent can provide a comprehensive agent banking for:
  • Account opening with AADHAR, biometrics
  • Liability product support
  • Asset products
  • Money transfers

Rural CBS & Credit management

Automation for your ultra small & small branches in remote locations. Enables you to manage your rural credit portfolio instead of the same being managed by multiple third parties. Work alongside the retail core banking system to automate the smaller branches. Enable MFI partners to be onboarded and help with end to end credit management. MFI partners can use atyati platform or their own existing technology solutions.

Financial inclusion gateway

Enables you to connect all your existing systems to NPCI in a managed, configurable manner. We support the entire stack of services
  • AADHAR seeding
  • AADHAR authentication (demographic & biometric)
  • AEPS transactions
  • IMPS transactions
  • UPI support
The services can be provided in a pay per use or a complete solution license model.

Solution for enabling a cashless ecosystem for your customers.

Our platform support includes.
  • Merchant payments (both customer & merchant side)
  • Utility payments (through standard service providers)
  • P2P payments
  • Electronic money gifts & vouchers
  • Loyalty management
We also provide digital wallet

End to end technology platform

Total automation solution supporting the group lending model and a variety of different microfinance activities like group formation, group meeting Support for
  • Source of fund tracking.
  • Loan lifecycle tracking – from lead to assessment to servicing & closure.
  • End to end processing of loans.
  • Group formation, meetings including attendance tracking.
  • Support for last mile digitization and RPC.

Insurance Organization.

We provide you the following access to the last mile
  • Customer onboarding & servicing
  • Last mile digitization
  • Integration with your existing applications stack for an end-to-end seamless experience
  • Electronic payments for your services
  • Distribution management (agent, location, function etc)
atyati provides both
traditional brick and mortar retailers and emerging E commerce platforms with a solution aimed at bringing India’s promising rural markets within the ambit of their services. Last mile digitization, customer enrolment and servicing, E-payments and distribution management are just some of the features allowing the realisation of this objective.