Our vision

Solving the challenge of reaching the unreached

with our technology and distribution expertise we offer last mile services in a transparent, efficient and an effective manner.
We help you expand your footprint
we manage the entire last mile ecosystem to ensure that organisations are able to address the market at the bottom of the pyramid
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atyati DNA

We are authentic. We do things because we genuinely believe that we need to. We mean what we say and say only what we mean. We are interested in the welfare of every stakeholder in our ecosystem. We base every action and interaction on this tenet.
We are deeply invested in helping people live better lives. We therefore go beyond just being empathetic. It is compassion that helps us ask questions and check in on our stakeholders. We do this proactively and without thinking of ‘what is in it for us’. This ‘chromosome’ in our DNA enables us to constantly strive to understand what our stakeholder is really after. With better, deeper and richer knowledge, comes the power to not just deliver - but transform relationships.
We do more with less. As a company that is proud of its Indian roots, we believe that simple living and high thinking combined with a laser-like focus on execution will help solve many of the problems facing our country. atyatians imbibe this chromosome in their heart and soul and that enables the company to become more than just a sum of its parts. Each atyatian pushes himself and his peers to their limits. We do this with an eye on ensuring that we deliver excellence in our outcomes.
Excellence forms the bedrock of everything. It is the ‘common thread’ that binds the company, its people and their values together. We value excellence not only in action but also in the ‘softer’ aspects of collaboration, innovation and teamwork. We believe that without excellence, we will not be able to achieve the lofty ideals that we have set for ourselves.


We have more than 20,000 touch points across India

Our clients

We have some of India's leading BFSI brands partnering with us